lampada per ambienti contro il covid-19 The system that makes free from viruses and bacteria Environments sanitized and safe thanks to the nearUVA technology thoroughly innocuous and safe for people and pets. covid

Lighten your spaces and make them safe!

A programmable and customizable all in one solution that guarantees the perfect light in the environments and the inactivation of more than 99% of microbes. Copyrighted and 100% made in Italy.

icona disinfettante

NearUVA rays have a powerful disinfectant action on the surfaces and on the air in the room. They are 99.9% efficient also for the virus SARS-CoV-2.

icona illuminazione

Maximum lightening efficiency thanks to the advanced generation of LEDs, in temperature color neutral or hot.

icona personalizzazione

Adaptive also to specific needs, with ad hoc lightning parts that may be mounted on specific supplied supports or indicated by the client.

icona programmazione

Impera can be programmed also for disinfections in absence of people, in which only the nearUVA component is active at the maximum power.

NearUVA rays: an advanced technology to fight viruses

Ugolini Electronic Engineering studied a new type of rays, focused on health, that have a powerfully disinfectant action on the surfaces and on the air, calibrated in order to be totally innocuous for people and pets.

From this research Impera was born, a copyrighted system ensuring the maximum deletion of every bacteria and viruses infections in order to make all the environments safe and disinfected.


Made in Italy

Sanification system for offices

Università di SienaDM
Developed in cooperation with Università di Siena and certified medical device class 1 by the Ministry of Health

The system Impera is the result of many months of technical/scientific studies and laboratory tests.
The activity was developed with the scientific support of Prof. Gabriele Messina (Dipartimento di Medicina Molecolare e dello Sviluppo) and Prof. Gabriele Cevenini (Dipartimento di Biotecnologie Mediche e Laboratorio di Bioingegneria) of the Università di Siena.
Laboratory tests proved the elimination of more than 99% of microbes tested, present on surfaces at circa 2,5 m from the source, after an exposition of 12 hours to rays emitted by the lamp Impera.
Tests on SARS-CoV-2 stressed that Impera is capable of inactivate for the 99.9% the virus COVID with radiant doses comparable to those tested in a real environment.
In addition, the Impera system has been certified as a class 1 medical device by the Ministry of Health.

Sanification system patented

Technology developed and copyrighted by Ugolini Electronic Engineering

Impera is the result of the work of the Research and development sector of Ugolini Electronic Engineering, a company founded in 1982 with the experienced skill and innovation vision di Umberto Ugolini. Today it is a leading company in the sector Hi-Tech specialized in the development and production of lighting systems with LED technology, electronic and electromechanical products, access control devices and design and production of electronic boards.
Ugolini Electronic Engineering cooperated with many big sized companies with highly technological impact like telecomunnications (Telecom Italia, Olivetti), terrestrial satellite (Avmap), game/bet boards (Snai), access control (Telepass SPA, Autostrade per l’Italia), internet of things (La Comanda) and lighting (Martini Light, Claypaky, Cree Europe, Masiero), just to list some.

Ugolini electronic engineering

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