The system capable to inactivate the virus SARS-CoV-2 up to 99,9%

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Safety for people and efficacy

Impera is an advanced array of LED lamps that, beyond the capability to offer a pleasant lightning suitable for every type of environment, can destroy viruses and bacteria, from the ceiling to the floor, both in the air and surfaces, making environments disinfected and safe. Thoroughly innocuous for persons and animals, the described solution fights the suspended microbiological charge ideal also for spaces difficult for the air circulation.

The heart of the system is the new LED technology with the nearUVA component tuned by the Ugolini Electronic Engineering Research and Development team.

Its capacity to destroy the 99% of microbs and to inactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus for the 99.9% has been certified by the Università di Siena with studies and laboratory tests and in-field tests.

Impera is a system certified by the Ministry of Health as a class 1 medical device (EEC Directive 93/42) issued to electrically powered (active) low risk equipment for diagnostic or patient support use. It is a CE marked product that guarantees functional and material quality, control of the production process and of the testing and traceability phases of the device throughout the circulation process.

The system can be programmed also for turning-on without any presence of people in which the only active component is the nearUVA, at the maximum power, in order to have safe environments free from microbes or viruses.

Test made in an academic building for the childhood demonstrated that the use of the Impera lamp during the absence of people dramatically reduces the environmental microbic charge, demonstrating that the regular and continuous use of this device completely disinfects the surfaces and the air in the environments.

Covid virus

The three lights of Impera:


Guarantees the maximum lightning efficiency thanks to the use of advanced generation Leds

It is a lightning component; available in color temperature neutral or hot of environments and projects

NearUVA Surface

Allows to fight the microbiological charge of 99% up to the floor

Makes the microbiological disinfectant action of surfaces in a safe way for persons and animals

NearUVA Air

Ideal for environments with difficulty of air circulation or air exchange

Makes the microbiological disinfectant action of the air circulating in the environment

Technical specifications

The copyrighted Impera system is available in 3 standard sizes: 60×30cm, 60×60cm e 120×30cm

Sanification system for schools
Sanification light
Sanification lamp
Sanification system lamp

Made in Italy

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Frequently asked questions

How does Impera work out?

The technology nearUVA LED fights microbes and viruses altering the membrane and putting in oxidation processes. These effects make (SARS-CoV-2) microbes and viruses progressively inactive; their dramatic reduction slows down the diffusion in an almost complete way.

Is it safe?

The Imperia lightning emission does not produce ozone or other secondary oxidation components. Its action is calibrated in order to be totally innocuous for persons and animals.

Laboratory test with the Università di Siena demonstrated the capacity of the Impera lamp to destroy more than 99.9% microbes, tested at a distance of about 2,5 meters from the source, with an exposition of the surface for a time of 12 hours.

Tests on the SARS-COVID-2 stressed the capacity of the Impera lamp to inactivate the virus for the 99.9% with radiant doses comparable to those tested in a real context.

  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 27853;*
  • Esherichia coli ATCC 8739;*
  • Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 43300;*
  • Salmonella typhimurium ATCC 23853;*
  • Klebsiella pneumoniae ATTCC BAA-1705*

1- Certification of Università di Siena

Impera is a system certified by the Ministry of Health as a class 1 medical device (EEC Directive 93/42)

2- Medical Device

3- Declaration of comformity

released by EUDAMED – “European Database on Medical Devices”

When is it used?

In presence of people, it is used in a combined mode with the LED environmental lightningin order to have an optimal lightning.

In absence of people or when there is no need to have enlightened environments, the only nearUVA component can be activated at the maximum power. The turning-on can be also programmed (for instance every night). Thanks to this fact, in the morning the human activities can start in safe environments because disinfected during the night by the action of Impera.

How much does Impera absorb?

The consumptions of Imperia vary based upon the way of use.


During the activity with presence of people the mode PTM (Presence Time Mode) with the White component on and the nUVA component in mode LIE (low irradiance emission) with a consumption of 50 watts.


During the use of Impera in absence of people or when it is not necessary to lighten the environment, the ATM (Absence Time Mode) mode is activated with the White component off and the nearUVA component in mode HIE (high irradiance emission), with a consumption of 150 watts.


Very rarely with the White component on and nearUVA component in mode HIE (high irradiance emission) the maximum consumption of Impera is about 200 watts.

Is Impera suitable for environments with children?

Yes indeed! Impera is ideal for these environments. Tests made for an installation of the Impera system in an educational building for childhood stressed the fact that in the night the Impera system dramatically reduces the microbes environmental charge, demonstrating that the regular use of this device disinfects the surfaces and air of environments and allows children to live, play and learn id safe environments.

I have particular lightning needs. Can I install Impera?

The system adapts also to specific needs with lightening parts that can be customized upon request. It is possible to integrate the system with a customer’s products layout, after a dedicated analysis. Also, the biological aspects can be calibrated with specific requests and supported by laboratory tests.

In which environments can be Impera used?

Ideal for the use in several private, public and community environments, as for instance:



Waiting rooms

Medical rooms

Common areas

Meeting rooms

Scholarship buildings

School Plexuses

and many others…

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